About Us

Dawes Engineering & Design Company is a Montana firm specializing in helping clients plan for comfortable, sustainable, and safe building mechanical and electrical systems through critical planning, detailed and thorough design, and fair construction management. As a smaller firm in a competitive industry, we strive to provide exceptional value to our clients with closely managed strategies and relationships based on one to one client attention.

Ray Dawes P.E. (BA Mechanical Engineering-Montana State University-1995) has been in the mechanical/automation/energy industry since 1993. He started his engineering career in mechanical construction and service companies. The real world experience of boiler and air handling systems installations and startup provided a high level of understanding of operations that cannot be taught in the engineering curriculum.  Additionally, the service industry of maintaining and repairing HVAC equipment taught the balanced art of customer service. After gaining the experience related to construction, Ray then started looking at all systems with emphasis from an engineering point of view.  The coupled experience of real world applications and engineering provides Ray with the tools to not only design traditional systems, but also to integrate new proven technologies for accountable and automated systems.

Dawes Engineering & Design Company is a driven company who specializes in the following areas of expertise:

Dawes Engineering & Design Company not only performs core competent work in house, but also partners with quality engineering firms (electrical/civil/structural) and professional architectural firms in a collaborative approach to meeting all of our clients’ needs and expectations.